A variety of techniques orchestrated to help people unlock their fullest potential to positively influence our overall wellbeing– helping us to become more connected to ourSelf so we may achieve a more healthy and fulfilling life.


Group Yoga

Join us for a group yoga offering! Relax, recharge and restore. We will provide postures and breathing techniques adapted to the energy level of the group. Come get a sense of empowerment, body awareness and meet new friends. All levels of yoga experience welcome!


Reiki is an ancient healing practice that aids stress reduction and relaxation. It can also promote healing by balancing the body’s energy system and calming the mind. I offer Reiki in one hour sessions, allowing for time for self-reflection, relaxation, and healing. Reiki is a safe and gentle way to support the body, mind and spirit.

1:1 Private Yoga

1:1 private yoga sessions are tailored to the individual, focusing on form and technique to ensure maximum benefit. We’ll work together to create a practice that best fits your needs and lifestyle. I’m mindful of any limitations or injuries, so you can feel safe and secure in your practice. Whatever your level of experience, I’m here to help and guide you. Let’s get started!

Hemp Horticulture 101

Learn the basics of growing hemp in this introductory horticulture course! You’ll explore planting, soil types, key requirements, and pest management for healthy, productive crops. Plus, get tips on harvesting, post-harvest handling, and curing for optimal quality. It’s a great way to get started in hemp horticulture + more!


I got to experience group yoga and 1:1 private sessions with Jenny. I felt so relaxed afterwards as well as stretched. I experience a lot of tension and tightness in my body and this helped me 🙌 She used sounds, scents, and hands on techniques that make the class 100x better! I recommend her to anyone who needs some relaxation and a good stretch!

Marta G.

I learned a lot about meditation, mindset & peaceful energy through our 1:1 session. Amazing Teacher 🌟, Magnificent Spirit 🙏🏽 One of a Kind Life Changer 😇✨🌍

Lorenzo D.

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