Jennifer Quezada-Delgado, aka Jennyandthehigh is a wellness, nature, and d.i.y crafts enthusiast with a degree in Photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California.

In 2017, Jenny achieved a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification from Ahimsa Yoga in Oak Park, IL; practiced under Yin Yoga founder Paulie Zink in 2018 at the Chicago Yoga Center; has taught private & group lessons with Midtown Fitness at the Hyatt Lodge McDonald’s Campus in Oak Brook, IL; enrolled in a 30-hour online YTT program as continual self-education on the benefits of a yogic lifestyle while intentionally integrating cannabis (optional).

“We are allowed to dive deep into our depths to develop a higher self-awareness and channel that energy outward to help the world.”

Jenny has enjoyed gardening since childhood and has since accomplished a Horticulture Technician program last spring [2021] with Green Leaf University, an upcoming cannabis college.

Her passions are not confined to one industry, and so FOCUSING in on what she is naturally drawn to, has proven to be a fundamental opportunity for personal & spiritual growth in moments that became “powerful self-awareness or self-observational practices” which significantly created S P A C E that was paramount for allowing acceptance, letting go, and surrender.”

One of Jennifer’s passions is wellness on a whole-being level that expands out into the emotional and metaphysical aspects. Jenny is certified in Reiki as well, and since the beginning of 2020, she’s taken time to reconnect with ‘Source’ –her higher Self & go inwards in order to create the best approach which to share her personal wellness journey techniques, and invite those already on [or ready to start] their self-healing journey as well.

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