Cannabis & Kundalini

Where do I begin?? ..

Cannabis is known for its psychoactive properties responsible for the “high” most individuals experience. Cannabinoids such as CBD or THC are compounds produced by the plant. Naturally, ALL humans have an endocannabinoid system!! The ECS is a complex cell messenger system which regulates a range of functions throughout the entire body including; mood, perception, sleep, anxiety, learning, memory, and more.

Homegrown medicine by @jennyandthehigh

Kundalini allows us to evoke energy inside ourselves to develop a mind-body awareness. Think of it more as a method or technique rather than a belief system. This helps us quiet the “monkey mind” in order to access the inner self.

Imagine a bright ball of energy coiled up at the base of the spine. From the sit bones to the navel. Kundalini energy resides in the triangular sacral bone, as three and a half coils. When unblocked by the action of yoga, kundalini uncoils, and rises up the sushumna from the base of the spine. The sushumna is one of our body’s energy channels that also connects the 1st and 7th chakras.

Still following along or are you lost yet?

No worries either way! This is all information that has been acquired in the span of years, summarized into a blog. This all has begun to resonate with me again recently…ever since starting on a healing journey this month through the 2nd/Sacral Chakra and working my way up the chakra rainbow.

I believe it was fall of 2021, when I really started to familiarize myself with medicinal concentrates to ease monthly migraines associated with PMS/PMDD. It was then & there, just after taking a ‘dab’ of some quality live sauce, I began to develop a Yoga, Abs, and Dabs** sequence which I am continuing to now create on video and share it here.

The aim for Yoga Stoned is to educate and guide others towards relaxation (bonus if you experience a ‘Yoga High’ just as I did my first time practicing yoga, and even Kundalini yoga! No weed, no prior experience, just me, my breath, and trusting myself. I got yoga stoned, and I hope you will too!

**This sequence is for active stoners, active mmj patients, or for those just wanting to add a little more movement into their fitness routine or yoga practice. No cannabis necessary.

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