Expanding on the 8 Limb Path

As I continue to expand my studies and knowledge of yoga and my true Self…. I am drawn to revisit my understanding of the eight limb path. The 8 limbs of yoga are: Yama – attitudes toward our environment Niyama – attitude toward ourselves Asana – physical postures Pranayama – restraint or expansion of theContinue reading “Expanding on the 8 Limb Path”

Cannabis & Kundalini

Where do I begin?? .. Cannabis is known for its psychoactive properties responsible for the “high” most individuals experience. Cannabinoids such as CBD or THC are compounds produced by the plant. Naturally, ALL humans have an endocannabinoid system!! The ECS is a complex cell messenger system which regulates a range of functions throughout the entireContinue reading “Cannabis & Kundalini”