The Journey Thus Far

For those just joining in and those already familiar—————- welcome. 👋 I welcome all to this—> S P A C E—> here & now. Welcome all, to this virtual construct of reality to share this journey. No words can equate to the experience in doing the work and the knowledge that now circulates within myContinue reading “The Journey Thus Far”

Expanding on the 8 Limb Path

As I continue to expand my studies and knowledge of yoga and my true Self…. I am drawn to revisit my understanding of the eight limb path. The 8 limbs of yoga are: Yama – attitudes toward our environment Niyama – attitude toward ourselves Asana – physical postures Pranayama – restraint or expansion of theContinue reading “Expanding on the 8 Limb Path”

It’s definitely Kapha Season. 

What is Kapha Season? Ayurveda is one the world’s oldest forms of medicines and surviving holistic healthcare systems. It’s based around the doshas, or energies that circulate in the body, govern psychological activity, physical and spiritual health. Simply put…a whole-body holistic approach that translates to “the science of life” and a sister science to yoga.Continue reading “It’s definitely Kapha Season. “