The Journey Thus Far

For those just joining in and those already familiar—————- welcome. 👋

I welcome all to this—> S P A C E—> here & now.

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By: Jennyandthehigh

Welcome all, to this virtual construct of reality to share this journey. No words can equate to the experience in doing the work and the knowledge that now circulates within my being & cerebrum. To say that its been eye & heart opening, feels right.. but as with light. This is accessible to everyone now.

Imagine going down the rabbit hole within ourselves aaaand…. discovering unlimited pathways! Within these pathways some blockages [or leaks] may exist & journeying through allows us to begin the actual healing phase on an entirely new level of consciousness.

So far, the greatest lesson– to acknowledge, allow, & accept the emotional experience. Not to identify with it, but to just BE with it, be total & complete awareness. With daily practice this will become more attainable since life allows us the continual opportunity for practice through each daily living experience. With daily practice watching the ‘thinker’ will come with more ease & grace.

📖 👉 Currently reading ‘Emotion and Healing in the Energy Body – a handbook of subtle energies in massage & yoga by: Robert Henderson.

In October 2021, I restarted a self-healing wellness journey that I’ve developed on since 2016. It starts with the 1st Chakra [root/mūlādhāra], taking as much time necessary to work through the chakra rainbow. One day while laying in corpse pose [śavāsana] meditating or crying– I felt sooo unbalanced, anxious, the opposite of grounded, energy scattered all over the place. I remember vividly– seeing most of the seven chakra colors glowing above, except red. So, by showing up for myself right there & then.. here & now– was the most empowering act of kindness for mySelf. To simply show up for mySELF.

[Log: Friday, June 17th 2022 at 12:14AM EST here in Toronto.]

I share my thoughts of finding comfort and bliss in solitude. I always have. I’m a bit of a night owl at times. I find peace in knowing the world around me is silent and still. There’s a sense of calm & focus that I’m only able to achieve in my sadhana (daily spiritual practice) between the hours of 3:00AM-6:00AM. This has helped me realize once again– how lucky we are to be here.

My personal testimonial story below ↓↓↓

The journey thus far has been one big full circle after another. From intuitively working up through each chakra and making the time to really healize what ails me. Something I briefly wanted to share was how the color correlation of each chakra appears as necessary. They’re all intertwined. For instance, if working on one area, and notice another color or energy pop up…trust it, trust your gut! Grow with it, Flow with it–that’s all I gotta say.

During time spent on the 4th chakra [heart/anahata], I was naturally guided onto furthering my personal yoga studies via kundalini training. Through kundalini training the 6th chakra [third eye/ajna] is activated. I was hesitant for a milli-sec because I hadn’t started on the 5th chakra [throat/vishuddha] yet, right? I wanted to go in order, but Source always has a plan. And so, I’m continuing a daily spiritual practice that has COMPLETELY spilled off my yoga mat and harmoniously made its way into daily life.

“The inside of our refrigerator may be a reflection of the state of what is going on inside ourselves.”


For example; in yoga we study the 8 Limb Path, and our relationship with ourselves, and the world around us. Just as we shower to clean our bodies, we may eat better to clean the insides of our bodies, or stop cussing to clean up our language, or maintain a daily spiritual practice that aids to clean the mind/spirit.

Since activating the third eye chakra, things have been a bit more ‘flowy.’ I have and am still taking the necessary steps to unblock, balance, and healize the throat chakra. This journey has been nothing short of spectacular with all the little signs the universe shows us. We just gotta keep our minds, hearts, and eyes open.

Fun fact: I’ve always been an anxious person. ..and we carry most of that energy as tension in our shoulders, neck, face, and jaw. I’d been experiencing tension in my neck, shoulders, and back most recently. During a meditation I received a download to schedule a cupping therapy session to find some relief. I am so grateful for the session received and the practitioner I connected with. This was the type of connection where you don’t have to explain much because you’re on the same page, and you both want to hug after! I cried tears of gratitude knowing I am on the right path. 🥲

Cupping Therapy.
14 cups for 20 minutes.

If the goal is to be more present when speaking and communicate more gracefully– then the throat chakra is the area of focus and it correlates with the color blue, think sky blue. Its the ether, and its everything to do with our throats, mouths, jaw, and so on. Sure enough… found myself at the dentist for an exam and routine cleaning. Turned out I needed a filling replaced, and it had been an old one with mercury! I had it removed, and then my husband brought something to my awareness by asking, “notice if you feel any different after.”

[Look into long-term mercury toxicity symptoms if you’re curious.]

It has been a few weeks since the cracked mercury filling was removed. I’ve been eating raw cilantro, cilantro pesto (I’ll share my recipe), chlorella, spirulina, along with other natural/gentle heavy metal cleansing methods. So far, I feel different and learning so much along the way. Being mindful with each of the steps to encourage the pathways of detoxification (another post?) by continuing on this daily self healizing wellness journey guided by Source.

Thank you all as always for taking time to read this blog. This is an outlet to share what I’ve healized, so that I may help others who want to be helped. Please do feel free to comment or reach out.

Offering 1:1 virtual consultations to start on your personalized roadmap to set out on your wellness journey.

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