Problem⤑ Reality Check⤑ Solution

What is the most challenging “problem” or life challenge you face now? There’s always a solution! ✨ Optimization of the life experience we have now ought to be a top priority. Perhaps living in complete harmony with Mother Earth or maybe even each other. Is that too far fetched? Hard to believe it is impossible.…

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fear is unnecessary here 🧿

POV: Currently snackin’ on these delicious vegan muffins made late last night in a serious fit of CHOCOLATE. Enjoyed a couple of these freshly baked as a midnight snack –one for breakfast, a bite of one for lunch, ate the rest of the bitten as a snack –aaand I enjoyed each & every bite with…

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The Journey Thus Far

For those just joining in and those already familiar—————- welcome. 👋 I welcome all to this—> S P A C E—> here & now. Welcome all, to this virtual construct of reality to share this journey. No words can equate to the experience in doing the work and the knowledge that now circulates within my…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Jenny. Previously an Administrative Coordinator from Chicago, I became a full-time dog mom and entrepreneur in 2021. I spend most of my time with my dog and husband these days in Toronto, but this blog is for my love of all things wellness, yoga, and more. Sharing my favorites with you!

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