Plant Properties

“Some proponents of aromatherapy believe that the claimed effect of each type of oil is not caused by the chemicals in the oil interacting with the senses, but because the oil contains a distillation of the “life force” of the plant from which it is derived that will “balance the energies” of the body andContinue reading “Plant Properties”

To Blog or Vlog?

Why not both? Creating a hybrid of to keep this interesting! 🧿 I am open to receive, All that I ever have, All that I ever need.

Hi, Hello!

This is a post, published now! I intended to publish a post today. I wasn’t worried about how the blog looks. I’m told to not worry if I haven’t given it a name yet, or if I am feeling overwhelmed. So I just click and begin the “New Post”, and tell ya’ll why I’m here.Continue reading “Hi, Hello!”

About Me

Hi, I’m Jenny. Previously an Administrative Coordinator from Chicago, I became a full-time dog mom and entrepreneur in 2021. I spend most of my time with my dog and husband these days in Toronto, but this blog is for my love of all things wellness, yoga, and more. Sharing my favorites with you!

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