Yoga Props

Throughout my personal experience as a student, I’ve learned that yoga props do not vary by the level of flexibility we are at, but by the style of yoga one is practicing. For instance in a Restorative yoga class many props may be used for support and relaxation (sometimes enough to make you nap). Iyengar yoga is known for the use of props to aid in proper alignment, where as in a traditional Yin yoga props are “for more advanced students to deepen postures.” 

We must give ourselves permission to utilize these tools as either extra support for relaxation, aiding in alignment, modifications to create space within the body, and so much more! 

Image: Supported Boat Pose with Yoga strap

The Mat

The most basic of props are blocks, a yoga strap, and yoga mat. Find a mat that works for YOU. Do some research. I myself may be in the market for a new mat this year. Looking for something along the lines of;

Ethical, sustainable, 4mm or less (thicker mats offer more knee support!), biodegradable (cork or natural rubber), non-toxic, PVC-free, etc.

Currently I practice with my Gaiam yoga towel. It’s non-slip, machine washable, easy to fold and travel with. I personally get really sweaty hands and have found my grip using this alone or over a mat. Some yogis even prefer no mat at all! Just good ‘ol Earth beneath the hands & feet.

While I do believe yoga props are necessary and a beneficial addition to a yoga practice, let’s release the need of props in order to practice. If yoga props are not available to you, there are improvisational opportunities to be had. For example; intentionally rolling up towel or blanket, using a pillow, a chair, the wall…these and more can all be utilized in a yoga practice. 

Want to learn more? Check out and subscribe to my Youtube channel for How To Yoga Prop videos and more! 

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